The full range of Belgian Malts

Certainly you have already tasted a few of the great Belgian Beers. As supplier to most of the Belgian brewers we are proud of our customers and the great beers they produce. We are happy and thankful to be a small part of those beers.
Along the way we are distributing our malts further and further. Now brewers all over the world are using our great Belgian malts.
Our different batch size gives us a lot of advantages. We are able to make a malt on customers demand. As well in quality, timing and packaging. A lot of our customers receive a blend of different malts ready to use.
For decades  we have produced the full range of Belgian malts mainly used in breweries but also in bakery, distilling and extract industry.
It is important to know that all our caramelized and roasted malts are produced in a roasting drum. This is the only way to guaranty homogeneous saccharification and caramelisation. Caramelized malts cannot be produced on a normal kiln.

We have four major product branches: