Belgian Style - Oud Bruin (Flemish old brown ale)

Aged on Steel tanks

The Oud bruin style or Flemish old brown ale is a dark, full-bodied beer with a lot of soft maillard compound.
The special character of this beer comes from the dark malts, long boiling and top fermentation with a very moderate, mild Lactobacillus infection. 
Maturation in Steel tanks (20°C).

SGOriginal gravity in Plato
FGApparent final gravity in Plato
EBUEuropean Bitterness Units
ABVAlcohol % by volume


Fijn extract: 
± 77.5%


Brewing Process

Programmed infusion process; pH 5.3

  1. 60 ‘ at 63 °C
  2. 35 ‘ at 72 °C
  3. 1’ at 78 °C;  sparging at 80 °C
  • boiling: 150 min;
  • first hop:  60 min before the end; 
  • second:  10 min before the end; 

Rest of process

  • Whirlpool or centrifuge
  • Fermentation for 2 weeks with Lactobacillus
  • Maturation on steel tanks with a Lacto and Brett yeast culture
  • Give it time
  • Bottling
  • Refermentation in the bottle:  10 – 15 days at 21 – 22 °C (warm dark room)



The amount of sugar to add before bottling is in relation with:

  1. residual sugar from main fermentation
  2. residual CO2
  3. the desired CO2 content e.g. 6‐7 g / lit. CO2

The amount of hop is also related to the isomerisation yield in the brewery.

Disclaimer : 

This recipe is a guideline provided by Dingemans Maltings. Some modifications may be required depending the used ingredients and the technological conditions of the brewery. Dingemans cannot be held responsible for the final beer quality.